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Manufacturer of modular prefabricated structures. SAMAN specializes in prefabricated structures. Based in Bangalore, we have our manufacturing setup. Fast and hassle-free operations are made possible by prefabrication. Built from high-quality materials, these products meet industry standards. It is widely preferred to use steel structures because of their minimal maintenance requirements, heat insulation, and a range of other benefits. These buildings are durable, contrary to popular belief. Fast and easy to install, they are built to last.


  • Durable construction that withstands adverse weather.

  • Highly customizable - can be designed and expanded as required.

  • Panels made of PUF, EPS, or rock wool sand are washed together in a factory setting.

  • Lightweight construction makes roofing easier.

  • A sandwich panel is known for its good insulation properties against extreme weather conditions.

  • Due to its lightweight construction, the structures can be dismantled, relocated to a new location, and reused if necessary.

  • Versatile structures are often used in industrial, commercial, large open spaces, labor accommodations, etc.


It is possible to customize prefabricated building structures to suit any kind of requirement - no matter how large or small. They are reliable, durable, quick to build, and cost-effective in the long run. Building structures of this type have a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Prefabricated Structures

  2. prefabricated School

  3. prefabricated Hospital

  4.  Porta cabins

  5. Prefab Site office

  6. Workers accommodation

  7. Solar Inverter room

  8. Multi Storey Building

  9.  Clean Room

  10. Cold Storage

  11. Railway Shelters

  12.  Prefabricated Pulpits

  13. Liftable pulpits

  14. Poultry sheds


With 10 years of manufacturing experience, SAMAN offers a wide range of products. All kinds of projects are undertaken by us, whether they are for corporate clients, public sector entities, educational institutions, or industrial companies.

We are known for the durability, corrosion resistance, insulation properties, and fast installation of our products. In addition to providing a satisfying user experience, the design provides effective thermal insulation. Structures made of prefabricated materials are easy to install and can be moved easily between different locations.

prefabricated structures


We are able to serve across India thanks to our service and transport network. We offer ergonomically designed housing solutions across a wide range of industries.

We manufacture our building solutions in-house, under the supervision of our experienced and creative professionals. As a whole, prefabricated structures are a new-age construction trend that can be applied to the ever-increasing construction demands in urban and rural areas. Being a dry construction method, prefabricated structures help keep construction costs low.

In addition to our wide range of products, we also offer Prefabricated Structures. These are highly popular and demanded in the market because of their hassle-free operations, excellent quality, and precise design. These are manufactured using superior grade materials as per the set industry standards and are available in diverse specifications to meet the specific requirements of our clients. These products are widely used in industrial sectors due to their characteristics like low maintenance, heat resistance, and acid resistance. These products are sturdily constructed, which enhances their efficiency. The offered range has been designed under the close supervision of our experienced and creative professionals.


Prefabricated Structures: Before releasing any product, SAMAN performs a series of quality checks. We have a full-time team of skilled technicians who conduct rigorous quality checks on every parameter. After approval, the product is packed and shipped to the client.

As a result of vast urbanization occurring in the region, prefabrication is a necessity. As a dry construction method, prefabricated structures can help keep construction costs low. Additionally, prefab buildings in Greater Noida offer the following advantages:

  • Despite their rigidity, they are able to withstand vast loads.

  •  In India, SAMAN offers the best prefabricated multi-storey buildings.

  • These structures, such as prefab ripening chambers, liftable pulpits, prefabricated railway shelters, and insulated poultry sheds, are known for their high tolerance, corrosion resistance, and durability.

  • In addition to providing a satisfying user experience, the design provides the best thermal insulation available.

  •  In addition to being easy to install, prefabricated structures can be relocated effortlessly from one location to another.

  • Indian workers accommodation and prefabricated security cabins are designed ergonomically to deliver effective housing solutions.

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